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Why made-to-measure?
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Made-to-measure by LUISAEMMA.AT

Why made-to-measure?

Have you ever tried on a clothing item supposed to be your size and it turned out not so perfect? Well, the reason behind it is that the mass production doesn’t really take into consideration all the elements that oftentimes vary, but relies upon a pre-prepared size chart, containing solely average measurements for a particular height and sticking to it relentlessly. Though it might work for some, for a vast majority of the people those size charts we are supposed to fit in couldn’t be further from reality. Luisa Emma Luxury Furs is a market pioneer, unequivocally understanding that what should fit your proportions is the garment we produce, as opposed to your fitting into a size chart.

We celebrate differences

The item you are getting is handmade precisely for you. When you place the order with us we are starting a process of assembling furs for you, in accordance with your measurements and your style of choice. When our production is done, we are shipping your item in a wonderful individualised luxurious packaging.

Personal assistance

Questions? We are here for you. Luisa Emma‘s integral part is our privé service that we created to further ease your experience with us. We are here to help you with measurements, choosing style and colour, or any other question or request you might have. Our team are genuine connoisseurs of furs and they will be your best advisors on this matter. We find that true luxury needs to be addressed in a proper fashion, and that is what we want for our customers-best personalised online service.

Ultimate luxury from the comfort of your home

Doubting that such prestigious service can be offered online? Try it. We are the best at what we do. Multiple decades of experience have taken us to another level that answers the needs of 21st century clientele. Our vision is fulfilled through daily contact with customers that are welcome to contact us anytime. We present an online realm of pure luxury for you who want best quality furs, efficient customised service and handcrafted fur garments that are made upon your individual features, delivered to your doorstep and just a click away from having it all.

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