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A brief history of fur coats
/Inspiration/A brief history of fur coats

A brief history of fur coats

Fur coats have repeatedly been a statement piece pulled out of wardrobe. Since dawn of time wearing fur has been viewed as Inspiration Power & Status.

Prehistoric times

Fur has been used not only by the Homo sapiens but also by other hominoids in harsh climates as a part of clothing for its superb warming properties as well as other rather mystical reasons, such as, upon belief, transfer of major attributes from a pelt to the individual who wears it. Furs were one of the first garments used as outfits in prehistoric times. In the northern regions of the Old Continent, Asia and America fur was a valuable commodity for thousands of years. What changed was the technology that only recently made it more affordable, lighter and easier to process.

Ancient times

In the ancient times only ruling class enjoyed the right to wear fur. Kings were the ones to decorate themselves with different animals’ furs in preparation for the ceremonies taking place.

Medieval period

Considering the longevity of the medieval period, pelts were throughout it a high-priced asset reserved only for bourgeoisie. Royalty were the ones who had access to various types of pelts as it was also a matter of status and prestige besides its isolation and warmth properties. 

Modern & Contemporary

This tradition of being reserved for the upper class was kept into the 20th century. Fur coats were an elitist subtle garment that was rather unobtainable for the ordinary people. Their extraordinary characteristics were recognised by the rich and famous and so went beyond noble, stepping into the world of celebrities. Throughout 1960s with the beginning of media development, across the other half of the 20th century, to this day fur got closer to those who understood its beauty and value. Technology on all sides enabled fur industry to become more ethical and more reasonably priced.

Never before in history could you have such a selection when choosing your lavish piece of fur, let alone the genuine luxury of a made-to-measure approach, a fur coat modeled to perfectly fit your individual proportions. Thanks to our meticulous artisans supported by both industrial and digital revolution today we are able to create finest designs and bring them to you.

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