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Tell your story

Living fast? Slowing down lately.

Perhaps we’ve all had a moment to self-reflect and question our priorities in life.

Not that we need extraordinary circumstances to challenge our thinking and set of values, yet it turns out these circumstances of worldwide pandemic have made everyone think twice and think faster.

The limits we pose to ourselves are nothing like those imposed onto us. And that is when we want them gone. Essentially, we only acknowledge our self-constructed boundaries.

In an attempt to surpass those same boundaries we buy things that have outstanding properties that can withstand the test of time. They offer us a piece of perpetuality and universal grace, transcending any material values. Not only that we acquire them but we also triumphantly pass them down the line. From grandmother to daughter to granddaughter and so forth. We take pride in a memory that we can both flaunt and have a meaningful connection to. That’s your grandmother’s engagement ring, or her lavish glamorously cut long mink fur coat that saw break-ups and make-ups, tears and laughs, smelled authentic french perfumes no longer produced and met your grandfather on a snowing winter night, first bearing witness to your grandparents‘ love. These family artefacts bring about class and wisdom running through generations, they carry all the memories that helped us get here; they carry the warmth, they are the lucky charm, they unequivocally capture the past the present and the future, all at the same time.

We at Luisa Emma understand what it takes to create a forever kind of relationship with yourself and build a legacy. Your image is what it starts with. And your image is not complete without a sweep-off-feet fur coat.

One day that fur coat will tell a story. Your story.

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