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Never before in history could you have such a selection when choosing your lavish piece of fur, let alone the genuine luxury of a made-to-measure approach, a fur coat modeled to perfectly fit your individual proportions. Thanks to our meticulous artisans supported by both industrial and digital revolution today we are able to create finest designs and bring them to you.

We celebrate differences, personal assistance and ultimate luxury from the comfort of your home. Luisa Emma Luxury Furs is a market pioneer, unequivocally understanding that what should fit your proportions is the garment we produce, as opposed to your fitting into a size chart. Have you ever tried on a clothing item supposed to be your size and it turned out not so perfect?

Quite usually, fashion trends tend to get repetitive over a certain period of time. Despite this factual reality the fashion realm is resisting the triviality of circles going round by encouraging uniqueness and self-expression within seasonal boundaries laid by leading figures in the industry. Pushing those boundaries further, the fall 2019 fur colour trends are bringing to the table a whole array of opposites, including a sophisticated touch of bourgeois attire and